About Me

Sherldine Tomlinson is a Registered Kinesiologist and is the founder of The Heart Health Initiative and Research. She is currently doing her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Charles Sturt University. Her dissertation project will investigate the effects of exercise training on the changes and recovery of cardiac autonomic function in patients of African descent with high blood pressure and its related complications following cardiac rehabilitation.  Sherldine is hopeful her research will contribute to developing, implementing and evaluating appropriate exercise prescriptions for cardiac patients, in particular patients of African descent as the research indicate this group is less active and experience higher cardiovascular complications.  Another research goal is to understand the role of regular exercise as a mediator in the regulation of autonomic function in patients experiencing high blood pressure.

Research Interest

Cardiac Rehabilitation 
Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology 
Hypertension Pathology
Health Disparities In Healthcare 
Health Equity
Lifestyle Medicine
Population and Global Health 

Community Projects

Fitness for Life
Women On The Move
Praise for Heart
Baby Steps to Healthy Eating 
Get Fit, Get Moving 

Peer Reviewer

Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada

Ethnicity & Disease
European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 
Health Promotion International 
Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
Journal of Physical Activity and Health


Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Canadian Hypertension Society
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology 
American College of Sports Medicine
International Society on Hypertension in Blacks
Osteoporosis Canada